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GC Manual – Part 1: Registration and Verification

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So, you have decided to become a trader and open a trading account at Grand Capital broker. Congratulations, you have made the right choice! Where to start?

Although we have designed a clear and understandable Private Office, according to the experience of our Client Support team questions may arise here and there. In order to meet your most likely queries, we are launching a new series of articles called GC Manual: your detailed guide to the Grand Capital user experience on your way to successful trading.

Part 1 of the series will explain, how to go through the registration and verification of the Private Office easily and flawlessly. Good luck!

Step One: Register at Grand Capital

It all starts with registration. Click here to go directly to the Registration page. If English is not your language, select preferred language in the top right corner.

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Although the form is brief and clear, it is crucial to fill it in with correct data: write your First name and Last name (in Latin or Cyrillic letters) exactly as they appear in the identification document that you will later present for verification, be it a passport, a driving license, etc.

Mind that the email address that you enter is active, not overloaded with emails, and that you have full access to it.

Make sure that you enter the active cell phone number without the excess digits (especially between the country code and the main part of the phone number). Otherwise, the number will not fit in this field. Also, the number must not be packed with SMS as well.

The I have an agent code field is for the unique identification number assigned to each partner/affiliate of Grand Capital. So, if it was the partner/affiliate, who introduced you to our broker, please, do not forget to enter this code here.

Tick I am over 18 years old (because it is mandatory), and Subscribe to get company news (no more than 3 times a week), maybe (because it makes us happy 😊). Pass the reCAPTCHA test and press Registration.


Step Two: Welcome to the Private Office

Hooray! The most complicated stage is over, and you are redirected to your newborn Private Office. At the same time, you will receive an automatic e-mail confirming your registration, with your login and password for the Private Office.

Please note that the password is generated automatically and we recommend that you change it to your liking. Just keep it safe and do not forget it.

Say hello to one of the most convenient private offices that combines all our products and services in one, simple and ergonomic.

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Take some time to look around. By default, an onboarding (i.e., learning) pop-up window appears. It explains the various functions of the Private Office. You are free to follow the onboarding at any time later , and skip it for now.

To change your password, click the Profile menu in the upper right corner of the Private Office main page, then click Settings Profile SettingsSecurity tab.

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Step Three: Let’s Verify It

This is a most important step, no kidding, so we strongly recommend that you take it at the beginning, not sometime in the future, and get yourself verified for the rest of the time.

Gather the short list of necessary documents: an identity document (passport, other type of ID, driver's license), front and back of the bank card (the middle digits of the card number must be covered. The first six and last four digits must be visible).

enlightened A few important notes:

Take a picture or scan of each document: each has to be centered and take no more than 80% of a picture/scan. The document must not be cropped, all four edges and corners of it must be within the picture/scan. Make it in color and in a quality high enough to read and confirm the details. Supported file formats are BMP, GIF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, and PDF. Files must not exceed 5 Mb in size.

Upload the files: the necessary section can be found in one click immediately on the main page of the Private Office: find the Profile verification status to the right, and click Upload documents.

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The icons in circle mark the development of your verification process: the green 'human' icon means, that you are at the very beginning; green middle icon is a sign of documents being checked; the green 'tick' means that you have successfully passed verification.

Upload the pictures/scans one at a time. Select the type of each document from the drop-down menu, carefully fill in the fields below and click on Upload document.

We would like to emphasize the need to make sure you've selected the correct document type from the drop-down menu, and when the blank fields appear, fill them in correctly with information exactly as it appears in the document. For example, if you are uploading a driver's license, you will enter your full name and a document number. If you are uploading a passport or ID, you will also need to enter your birthday, date of issue, and country of issue.

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You will receive an email notification of the verification results within a few hours. The Personal Manager automatically assigned to you will contact you if additional documents or information are required.

For security reasons, do not send your documents other than through the Upload documents section of your Private office: neither by email nor in social networks.

However, in 99% of cases the verification is passed successfully, and from now on we officially welcome you to the family of Grand Capital traders. High time to move on to the next stage – choosing the right type of account, as we offer the whole six types of real trading accounts and three demo accounts – quite a choice!

We’ll leave this crucial story for the next article. See you next week!

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