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No-deposit bonuses and interest on deposits, bonuses for trading volume, promotional offers for particular categories of instruments. Just choose your path, and we'll take care of bonuses for your trading plan. Choose profit — choose Grand Capital.

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Any Deposit Bonus 40%

Probably the best bonus for traders!
  • All profit received from trading the bonus funds is freely withdrawable.
  • In time the bonus funds pass into the client’s ownership at the rate of: $3 per 1 lot.
  • Bonus can be renewed every 6 months by depositing 10% of the initial sum to your account.
  • Bonus funds can be used for drawdown.

Terms of the "Any deposit bonus +40%"

1. General terms

1.1 The promotion is valid indefinitely. The end of the promotion will be announced.

1.2 Grand Capital is the sole organizer of the promotion.

1.3 The organizer has the right to change the terms of the promotion, as well as the list and characteristics of the bonuses offered.

1.4 The organizer has the right to terminate the promotion at any time.


2. Participants

2.1 All clients of Grand Capital can take part in the promotion. That includes those who open a Grand Capital trading account during the term of the promotion.

2.2 Valid phone verification and submitted Identification Documents, as well as the confirmation of the residential address, are mandatory for the participation.

2.3 Types of the trading accounts that can take part in the promotion: Standard, Swap Free.

2.4 The leverage for the trading account that was chosen to participate in the promotion cannot exceed 1:200.

2.5. To receive a bonus, a client must deposit to their trading account during the term of the promotion. The client has the right to claim the bonus after each deposit. The bonus amount is 40% of the amount deposited.

2.6. Maximum bonus amount cannot exceed $20 000.

2.7 Employees of Grand Capital and their relatives cannot participate in the promotion.

2.8 All promotion participants must carefully read the terms of the promotion and follow them. Ignorance of the promotion terms cannot serve as a valid reason when submitting a claim.

2.9 Other promotions of the Company aren’t applied to the account participating in this promotion.

2.10 If any other bonus has been already claimed for the account, the 40% bonus may be granted only after all other bonuses have been canceled upon the client's request and provided that all the promotion terms have been met.

2.11 Trading with bonus funds solely is not possible. In case the client’s account doesn’t have their own money, the bonus deposit is withdrawn in full.


3. Claiming the bonus

3.1 To receive the bonus, a client must create a request in the Private office or contact the personal manager via email (the email address is available in the Private office).

3.2 To withdraw the bonus funds, the client must submit the valid Indification Document as well as the proof of the residential address.


4. Receiving the bonus funds

4.1 The bonus request is processed within 48 hours and the bonus funds are granted to the account.

4.2 If funds are withdrawn from the account, the bonus is reduced by 40% of the withdrawal amount.

4.3 Internal transfers, commission payouts, and other non-trading transactions equal a withdrawal transaction.

4.4 Bonus funds are granted for a 6-month period.

4.4.1 The bonus term can be extended for another 6 months by a deposit which is not less than 10% of the bonus amount, made prior to the bonus deduction.

4.4.2 The company may deny granting a bonus at any time as well as deduct the existing bonus with no explanation.

4.4.3 The company reserves the right to turn the bonus funds into credit funds without providing any reasons.

4.5 It is forbidden to trade on the account associated with the promotion through an anonymous proxy server. If more than 5 (five) connections to the account from different IP addresses belonging to different regions are detected, the account can be disqualified and the bonus — annulled. If any concerns about the abuse of the promotion or a fraud arise, and/or falsification of the documents provided by the participant of the promotion is detected, the account can be disqualified and the client may be denied service.

4.6 The bonus amount cannot exceed the account balance.

4.7 Multidirectional trading is prohibited on accounts with bonus funds, including using different accounts, including accounts opened with other companies/brokers. In case of suspicion of multidirectional trading using the company's bonus funds, the company reserves the right to cancel the trading results.

4.8 The Bonus Funds are written off in full if one or more positions on the account are closed by Stop Out and there are no own funds left on the Client’s account. 


5. Withdrawal of bonus funds

5.1 With active trading the bonus funds gradually become the client’s property. For that the client must place trades and for each open and closed full Lot, the client can claim $3. The minimum amount that can be claimed is $50. The request is submitted via email or through Private Office.

5.2 The following trading instruments are considered in the calculations: FOREX MAJORS, FOREX EXT 1, FOREX EXT.

5.3 The subject of the request must be: “Bonus for any deposit” – make the bonus withdrawable”, the trading account number and the client’s full name.

5.4 If the client's own funds are not available on the trading account and there are no open trading positions, the bonus funds are debited in full.

5.5 Withdrawal of funds from account with bonus funds becomes available after making the required trading volume at the rate of 1 lot (equivalent 100 000 USD) for every 10 USD credited bonus funds. The calculation of the required trading volume involves transactions, the financial result of which is greater than or equal to the value of two spreads for the traded instrument.


6. Claims

6.1 All claims may be forwarded to support@grandcapital.net.

6.2 All claims must contain a full name, the exact residential address, account number and a thorough description of the problem.

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