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Earn rewards from investors for profitable trading

Become an investment master

How the service works

  • You create a strategy and start trading

  • The investor selects your strategy from the rating and invests in it

  • You trade with your funds, and your trades are automatically copied to the investor

  • You earn on trading and additionally receive a commission from the profits of your investors

Multiply your trading income

Connecting investors to your trading strategy can earn several times more on commissions than with a regular trading goal. Enter your values ​​into the calculator and see for yourself!

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Multiply your trading income

Profit from regular trading* Profit from trading with GC Invest*
Profit from transactions 0 USD 0 USD
Profit from master's fees 0 USD 0 USD
Total: 0 USD 0 USD

*The calculations are provided as an example and do not constitute a public offer or guaranteed profit.

GC Invest — copy trading at a new level

  • Full automation

    Starting with connecting investors and ending with the remuneration payment. You just have to trade and enjoy the result.

  • Large coverage

    More than 10,000 investors with an average deposit of 524 USD use the service every month.

  • Transparent statistics

    The profitability of your trade is visually displayed on the chart. All statistics on investors can be viewed in your Private Office.

  • PR support

    With publicly active masters of investments, we conduct promotional and PR campaigns to increase the reach of strategies.

Reward system

Reward system

The master's remuneration is calculated according to the High-Water Mark (HWM) system: the master receives remuneration from the net profit earned for the investor.

You set the amount of the desired commission in the range from 0% to 70%.

The commission is credited to your Invest account every Monday at 17:00 trading terminal time.

How to become an investment master and get into the rating

  • Register, verify your account, and open an "Invest" account in your Private Office

  • Create a trading strategy and make at least 30 trades

  • The system will automatically check your trade. If the return is positive, the strategy is ranked

  • Strategy is in the rating — now investors can connect to it. Success!

Become an investment master


  • How to connect an investor to my strategy?

    While you are trading, investors connect to your strategy themselves (in the rating of investment masters). The better your results are, the higher is your place in the ranking. The higher you are in the rating, the more often investors see to your strategy and connect to it.

    If you want to connect more investors, we recommend sending them (or posting on social networks and your other web sources) a link to the statistics of your strategy in the format https://inv.grandcapital.net/#/iframe-statistics /******* , where instead of "*" you should put the account number of your strategy.
  • How is the master's remuneration calculated and paid?

    The service calculates the reward according to the High-Water Mark system. The general principle is simple: masters receive a commission only when their strategy brings profit to investors. From this profit, masters receive commission from 0 to 70%, which they set themselves. The size of the commission and the frequency of calculation can be changed in the strategy settings. However, bear in mind that the changes will only apply to investors who have joined after the changes were made.

    Let's explain the calculation of the High-Water Mark (HWM) in more detail.

    High-Water Mark is a remuneration system in which the master receives the commission only when a net profit to the investor is generated. HWM is calculated from investors' account, and this calculation is individual for each investor.
    When an investor connects to your strategy, the system automatically sets the first High-Water Mark level at the level of investor's initial investment.
    You, as an investment master, trade according to your strategy. At the end of the first trading period, the system automatically checks the investor's "Funds" and "Account Balance" indicators to calculate your commission. It is paid only if both indicators on the investor's account are higher than the first HWM level.
    If the check by the High-Water Mark system was successful, the value of the previous HWM level is deducted from the investor's current balance — this is the investor's profit for the trading period. The investor pays your commission as the share of this profit. The new HWM level is the investor's balance after the deduction of the first commission amount.

    The investor deposited 1000 USD. After the first trading period, the balance became 1100 USD. The master's commission is 30%. Funds over 1000 USD are equal to 100 USD, therefore, your commission is 30 USD, and the new HWM level is 1070 USD.
    In the future, in order for the commission to be paid next time, the "Account Balance" and "Funds" must be over 1070 USD at the end of the next period. If one of the indicators is below this, the commission is not paid and will not be paid until both indicators exceed 1070 USD.
    This is the order of payment for one investor. If several investors are connected to you, each of them pays a commission for your profitable trading and increases your income by several times.

    The remuneration payment process is also completely under the control of the investment master. You can choose the frequency of payments that suits you: daily (payments occur at the end of the current day at 00:00 trading terminal time), weekly (at midnight from Saturday to Sunday of this week), monthly (at midnight on the first day of the next month). You don't have to worry about whether the investor will pay your reward after disconnecting from your strategy: the whole process is done automatically, your reward is transferred to you first, and only after that the investor receives the remaining funds.

    With our service, you are 360-degrees protected!
  • How the rating of masters is formed? How to become a leader?

    Our service automatically generates a rating of investment masters using a flexible system of filters that takes into account profitability for different periods, the age of the strategy and balance. When choosing their investment master, investors set search filters themselves, depending on their goals.

    When building the rating, the system does not take into account open positions and ranks all masters on the bases of already closed transactions.

    By default, the rating displays a list of masters by profitability: the more profitable your trade is, the higher your strategy is in the list and the more investors will see you.
  • How many strategies can I open?

    The number of strategies that you can open in our service is unlimited. The minimum balance of each strategy is 100 USD.
  • What kind of account do I need to open to become an investment master? What trading instruments and terminals will be available?

    Such account is called "Invest Wallet". It is the main for operations in the copy trading system for both masters and investors. You can create it in the copy trading section in your Personal Account (the "Create an investment wallet" button). With it, all balance operations are centralized: replenishment of the account and withdrawal of funds, distribution of the deposit between different investments and/or strategies, as well as crediting commissions from investors.

    Strategy is a special type of trading account for investment masters. The strategy gets into the rating, and its profile is displayed on the site. Trading on the strategy is no different from trading on a regular account, except that the transactions are copied by investors.

    The MetaTrader 4 and WebTrader platforms can be used for trading. You can check the trading conditions and tools available for strategy accounts on the specifications page.
  • Are the risks for managers and investors balanced?

    The levels of potential profit and risk are equalized for investors and masters with the help of the copy ratio. The copy ratio is a coefficient that is automatically set when investing in a strategy. It is the ratio of the investor's account balance to the master's account balance (Copy ratio = Investor's account balance / Master's account balance).

    Example: you invest 1000 USD in the strategy, the master's account balance is 10,000 USD. The copy coefficient will be calculated automatically when connected to the strategy and will be 1000/10000 = 0.1. When copying, the volume of transactions of the master will be multiplied by this coefficient. For example, if the master opens a deal with a volume of 1 lot, it will be copied to your account with a volume of 0.1 lot.

    Please note: the investment master can trade volumes close to the minimum. When investing an amount less than the balance of such a strategy, not all transactions may be copied. Such situations can be avoided by setting an increased risk factor (the copy coefficient is multiplied by it, neutral value is always set by default as '1'). However, at the same time, the risks will also increase, so be aware when setting the coefficient!
  • Can an investor interfere in trading?

    Investors can observe the history of open and closed trades in the copy trading section, but they cannot interfere in the process of your trading.

    The investor can disconnect from your strategy unilaterally. When the account is disconnected from the master's strategy, all open positions on the investor's account are automatically closed at current prices.

    Once again, we note that the calculation and transfer of your remuneration is done automatically until the investor is completely disconnected, so payments for your work will not be lost (for more details, read the answer to the question "How is the investment master's remuneration calculated and paid?").
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