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Rebate Is Partners' Best Friend

How to earn even more from trading and affiliate programs? Recent articles series was dedicated to the variety of trading promotions, equity bonuses, and other stimulative features that Grand Capital offers. The list is all-embracing, but we still have something to add. Today, refresh your knowledge of ‘rebate’ - another GC broker’s tool that is desired by both traders and partners.

So, what ‘rebate’ is at all? Rebate is a popular tool for client acquisition based on the compensation of spread – not in whole, but in part. The whole industry, closely associated with forex trading and stock markets, was built on it: businesses exist that specialize in rebates. They cooperate with brokers, work as independent actors, and serve as a guarantee of fair payoffs.

Grand Capital broker moved far ahead of this complicated scheme and implemented the rebate into its trading system, creating another tool that is desired by both traders and partners, and here is why.

Traders look for a rebate as it is an extra means of receiving additional cash inflow to their trading profits. One will rather choose the broker which offers thicker inducements than thinner, right?

But, no doubt, rebates are far more popular among broker affiliates and partners: they appraise the marketing potential of rebates for client acquisition. Clients of partners offering rebates have an advantage: rewards for every trade regardless of their result.

Partners who set up rebates, pay out small predetermined amounts of money to clients for each traded lot. Despite the decreased revenue per lot, the number of referred clients and the overall trading volume rises. And we have a win-win situation here: the partner gets more loyal clients, clients increase their trading volume thanks to the payouts, and the partner gets higher rewards.

Looks like it is the client and not the partner who gets all the bounties. No, they are all okay: it is worth a reminder here, that Grand Capital provides extended marketing support to our business partners: not only regular promo campaigns, and clear, popular bonuses are at their disposal, but the whole range of banners kits, and informers to brighten partner’s promo materials, and even the landing page builder.

Interested? Whether you are a trader, an existing partner, or a potential GC trader/affiliate, do not hesitate to contact our Clients Support in your Private Office, in the online chat (bottom right corner of the website), or at [email protected].

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