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0.9 (+32.41%)
Supply/demand: 11114.50/11118.80
Day range: /
Spread: -
Close: 11256.2617
Open: 11256.2617
Supply/demand: 11114.50/11118.80
Day range: /
Spread: 0.9
Close: 11256.2617
Open: 11256.2617
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IBEX 35 is the Spain’s most important stock index, administered by the Bolsa de Madrid. It was first calculated in 1992. The listing includes shares of Spain’s 35 largest companies in the industrial and financial sectors. The list of companies is updated twice a year. The selection criteria are the market cap and the trading volume for the previous six months.
The index value is influenced by the following factors: new trade deals, sanctions, embargoes, changes in tax law, volatility of the shares of one or several companies, etc.

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