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0.1 (+38.99%)
Supply/demand: 5.04828/5.05048
Day range: 5.2125/5.0413
Spread: -
Close: 5.1238
Open: 5.1319
Supply/demand: 5.04828/5.05048
Day range: 5.2125/5.0413
Spread: 0.1
Close: 5.1238
Open: 5.1319
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This financial asset indicates the spot price of copper expressed in the American dollar. Copper is not such a rare metal as, for example, silver, gold or platinum. Respectively, the price of the CUCUSDe asset is much lower than those listed above.
Traditionally, the United States of America was considered the world leader in copper production, but recently the US lost the lead to Chile. The three leaders in copper mining are closed by Peru and China. Therefore, for a successful copper trade, it is necessary to monitor the economic and political situation in these exact countries.

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