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The most popular spot metals for trading.

Play the market to make profit or hedge your positions.

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Bid 1709.90
Ask 1710.05
Percentage +0.65%
Bid 20.415
Ask 20.438
Percentage -1.17%
Bid 1723.63
Ask 1723.81
Percentage -0.34%
Bid 20.579
Ask 20.601
Percentage -2.15%
Bid 2299.35
Ask 2316.03
Percentage +4.20%
Bid 919.53
Ask 922.72
Percentage +1.95%
Bid 3.46430
Ask 3.47150
Percentage +1.25%
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Spot metals

Despite the fact that the golden standard was abandoned in 1971, gold and other spot metals still occupy an important place on financial markets. In times of global economic crises, they act as a reserve currency, and their prices start growing.

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