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Cent accounts Micro: Trading for beginners

Minimize your risks

A Micro account is a perfect choice for beginners as it allows you to learn the basics of trading without risking large amounts of money.

Advantages of Micro accounts

  • Simple

    Start trading with a minimum deposit of $10 and with no special training.

  • Convenient

    Your account balance is displayed in cents that allows you to implement best trading strategies even with low balance. You profit displayed in cents is also a great motivation for achieving more!

  • Profitable

    Keep track of the changes in currency rates and always count on high profits

How to start making profits with a Micro account

  1. Open an account.

  2. Deposit using any convenient payment method.

  3. To start in trading, you'll need a platform. Download MetaTrader 4 or open WebTrader to trade right in your browser.

  4. Choose a strategy, instrument and place your first trade.

  5. Funds received from trading can be withdrawn in any convenient way . We guarantee fast transfer in operations of any amounts.

Trade currency, metals, or stocks of major brands

Trade currency, metals, or stocks of major brands

CFDs on shares of major corporations

Make money from changes in stock prices of major brands. Profit not only off of increases, but also from drops, which means profit in any case.


This a useful financial tool that guarantees the transparency of trades thanks to universal quotes and high profit thanks to market volatility.

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